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  • Public Administration & Management for KAS Mains (GS-2 Section-III) (English) (e-copy)
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Public Administration & Management for KAS Mains (GS-2 Section-III) (English) (e-copy)

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Dear Students,

This book deals with Public administration and Management topics mentioned in GS-2 of KAS mains exam.

We have covered the complete syllabus in question answer format. This will help you master answer writing while reading various concepts. Further it will stimulate your mind to think, helping you absorb the points more effectively. We have tried to cover most of the important topics, from different sources- ie standard textbooks, online sources, journals etc.

The following topics are covered in this book:

  1. Private and Public Administration - Its role in society • Public Administration as an art and a science
  2. New Public Administration and New Public Management
  3. Responsive Administration
  4. Difference between administration and management. + Difference between public and private administration.
  5. Structure of Organisation • Personnel, Financial, Administrative Law, Maintenance of Law and Order, Administration for Welfare. • Issues of Areas in Indian Administration. • Development Administration.
  6. Organisational Behaviour and Management Concepts; • Organisation structure, systems, Processes, Strategies, Policies and Objectives • Decision making, Communication, Centralisation, Decentralisation, Delegation of authority, Responsibility, Control.
  7. Formal and informal Organisation • Functional management: Finance, HR, Marketing, Production, Leadership and Motivation.
  8. Management Tools and Techniques • Decision making under uncertainty • PERT & CPM, PIME, POSD-CORB, SWOT Analysis • Performance Standards and appraisal, PDCA Cycle • Personnel Policies • Manpower - Policy and Planning • Training and Development • Conflict Management • Management of change and development • Team Building • quality tools (Brain Storming, nominal group technique, pareto chart, fishbone diagram and process chart).
  9. Administrative Reforms • Ethics and Values in Public Service • Public Relations • Good Governance • Accountability and control • Program monitoring and evaluation • Lokpal and Lokayukta • Redressal of Citizens grievances • District Administration and Panchayathi Raj System, Law and Order and Development Functions • Development Programmes • Welfare Programmes for SC/ST and women • People’s participation • Administrative Reforms Commissions - Central and State.

Our team has put in lot of efforts, in preparing this book, to help you. We request you to buy this book directly from our website (www.nammakpsc.com).

This will help us come up with more such materials, that will help you in this exam and to ensure merit in KPSC

All the very best

Team Nammakpsc. . . .

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