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  • GURUKUL PROROGRAMME 2024 (Evaluation + Mentorship + Synopsis)
  • GURUKUL PROROGRAMME 2024 (Evaluation + Mentorship + Synopsis)
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GURUKUL PROROGRAMME 2024 (Evaluation + Mentorship + Synopsis)

Product Description
  1. This test series includes 30 tests. 16 half length tests and 14 full lengths tests. Tests includes evaluation, mentorship and discussion .
  2. On purchase of the test series you will be given login credentials within 24 hours
  3. We will be uploading, Question-Cum-Answer booklet along with a key answer booklet (Except for essay test) for each test as per the schedule
  4. You will be given access to the recordings of the discussion, which you can view using your login ID.
  5. Individual mentorship by senior faculty will be scheduled at your convenient time (Offline or online) * within 10 days of submission of paper. Your session will be one on one either at our center(offline) or via call/video call(online).

Please note

1. For your own benefit use it for personal use only. Do not circulate it or use it for commercial purposes.

2. The price of the test series has been kept in accordance with the expertise of the faculty and experts involved in the test series.

3. Our experts spend a good amount of time and experience to make this test series the best in quality. The price is in appreciation of their hardwork and time and expertise.

4. Any use of the test series for commercial purpose or circulation in any groups will be taken seriously and appropriate steps will be taken including legal measures. The subscription of course will be terminated immediately without any refund.

5. Being aspirants trying to enter a system based on laws and rules we expect you to uphold the ethics of integrity and respect another individual's hard work. We would be sorry to take any steps against anybody, but wouldnt hesitate, as its important to set an example of accountability among aspirants from now only

6. If you find the test series useful for your preparation, spread the word and motivate us to come up with many such initiatives into making KPSC easier and merit oriented

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