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[KAS 2024] National schemes and programmes (e-copy)(English)

Product Description

Why Choose This eCopy?

• Comprehensive Coverage: Detailed insights into major government schemes.

• Up-to-Date: Latest updates and modifications for 2024.

• Exam-Focused: Tailored content for KAS aspirants.

Key Features:

• Summarized Points - Quick revision with bullet-point summaries.

• Enhance understanding and retention.

• Compiled by subject matter experts.

Why is it a paid copy?

Our team has put in lot of effort to compile relevant information from different sources like news papers, government documents, economic survey, ministry websites etc. You are just honouring their effort. This will help us to release more such documents, which will help improve the quality of KPSC examinations. If quality improves, only meritorious hardworking ethical candidates will clear the exam... and eliminate the unethical candidates from the race.

Thank you for your support. Best wishes Team NammaKPSC